One Lucky Dog Food & Treats


One Lucky Dog is your neighborhood independent pet market. We are all trained in natural pet nutrition and our focus is on preventative pet care. All brands are picked with care and must meet our quality standards. 

Your dog craves the same ingredients that you do! Our lines offer high-quality meats, whole, nutrient-rich grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. Our healthy pet foods will not only satisfy your pet's hunger, they are tasty, nutritious and most important provide the vitamins and minerals your pet needs now and as they get older.

Let our friendly and knowledgeable staff assist you in choosing the best foods for your dog or cat. We also have a fantastic selection of premium, healthy treats including Bullysticks Organics, Orijen Treats, Grandma Lucy’s, K-9 Granola, Fruitables, Wild Meadow Farms, Etta Says, Sweet Potato Chews and more!

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