Grooming Prices

Splash and Go! - suitable for short-haired dogs or when no scissoring or clipping is required.

This package includes a skin evaluation, double shampoo bath, conditioner if needed, ears thoroughly cleaned, nails trimmed and filed, thorough brushing to remove loose hair, gland expression if necessary and fluff dry.  Five dollars will be added for itchy or dry skin treatments.

Pricing examples for Splash and Go

Chihuahua  -  $30.00*

Beagle       -  $40.00*

Lab           -  $50.00*

Great Dane -  $55.00*

Fluff Me Up! - suitable for longer-coated dogs that just need scissoring or trimming in certain parts of their body.

This is a partial groom.  Often, this would include the face, fanny, and feet.   Fluff me up will include all steps in the Splash and Go package.

Pricing examples for Fluff Me Up

Yorkshire Terrier  - $40.00*

Havanese           -  $45.00*

Miniature Poodle  -  $50.00*

Golden Retriever  - $75.00*

Total Spa Package - suitable for longer-coated dogs that need their entire body clipped and/or scissor cut.

Groomed to perfection!  This package includes all steps in the Splash and Go package along with a consultation with the groomer to get the outcome you want along with the best cut for your dog’s coat or hair type.

Pricing examples for Total Spa Package

Yorkshire Terrier  - $50.00*

Schnauzer -      $65.00*

Bichon -      $70.00*

Standard Poodle  - $80.00*

* All examples for pricing are for regularly groomed pets, and for pet sizing that is standard for the breed.  Longer-coated dogs that are larger than the breed standard will incur additional charges.  Matted coats beyond the normal will also be charged extra according to the amount of time it takes to demat and/or strip the coat. Aggressive dogs that need extra time may also incur additional charges.  Boarding for over four hours is not included.



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Gail has groomed for One Lucky Dog since September of 2013. Her sweet, gentle personality and excellent grooming skills make her a favorite with our customers!  Gail has over ten years of experience grooming dogs and became a groomer because of her passion and love for dogs.


fusaemFusae has been grooming for six years and is originally from Japan. Fusae also is involved in obedience training.  Her gentle nature and incredible grooming skills keep her four legged and two legged customers so happy!



Melissa Stephens has been grooming at One Lucky Dog since June of 2009. Missy owned a grooming business in Citrus County before coming to us with over 20 years of experience. Not only is she highly skilled, but her kind, loving nature ensures a pleasurable experience for both dogs and cats.


MiyukiMiyuki has been grooming since 1994.   Her specialty is hand-scissoring.  Miyuki has owned her owning grooming business in St. Pete for 11 years.  Her warm, friendly  personality and excellent grooming skills make her an excellent choice for your baby's grooming needs!!